How To Choose The Perfect Domain Name In 4 Simple Steps

One of the most critical steps when creating a website is choosing the best domain name for your site.

Step 1: Important words within your domain name

If you have a business, rule of thumb is that you register your domain name as an exact match as your business as you have already built or looking to build a brand behind that name.

In some scenarios your domain name that you wish to register has already been registered by someone else if you haven’t got to it quick enough. You can look at registering a domain name with with a slight variation to the name or an extra word added to it. It would be wise to see if there is another TLD (Top-Level Domain) that is available for this name that you can look at registering instead.

Your domain name needs to be:

  • a) Something short.
  • b) Easy to remember.
  • c) Relevant and catchy.

Using keywords in your domain name that is relevant to your business can also be effective for branding but no longer hold any relevancy for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) purposes. It’s not going to make your website rank any better in the search engine results but can help visitors clearly understand what your site is about.

To find relevant keywords for your industry, you can use tools like KWFinder or KeywordTool.IO to search for words for a term that has high search volume and low competition.


Step 2: Use A Domain Name Generator Tool

Now that you have a few keyword terms selected and written down, it’s time to match together the best name for your domain name.

Some people choose to write the individual words on pieces of paper and push them together to come up with a catchy 2 to 3 word combination that could be used for your domain name.

Alternatively you can use an online tool to help brainstorm the perfect combination of words for you to select the best suggestions to see what is available to be purchased as a domain name.

The best domain name generator is NameMesh. It will help with simplifying the whole process by letting you know what would be the best combination of words as well as letting you know if the domain name is available.

Name Mesh

Step 3: Choose Your Domain Name

At this step, we’re ready to shortlist your keyword term options and choose which domain name you would like to register.

Just keep in mind to make your domain name relevant and understanding as there is nothing worse than a domain name this is too long and very confusing as it’s much harder to remember or easy to misspell your name.

Avoid using special characters and numbers as they’re hard and confusing to read out loud to people over the phone or in person.

Once you have selected your domain name it’s time to select your domain name’s (TLD) Top-Level Domain. .com is the most popular option but as many domain names have already been registered with this TLD so your name may or may not be available. There are many of new TLD options available at different price points for an annual subscription. These include .net. org .biz etc.

You can also register your domain name with a TLD to your specific region. For example, here in Australia, we have Google uses these TLD’s to help geotarget websites.

Step 4: Register Your Domain Name

Now that you have selected your domain name and settled on the TLD that you would like to use, it’s time to register your domain name with a provider.

You have the option of purchasing your domain name and then linking it with web hosting to be able to get your website up and going on the internet the same day or you can purchase the domain name separately until you’re ready to get web hosting and a website. Your domain name will be “Parked” (Waiting on web hosting) until you’re ready.

To see if your domain name is available you can search for a domain name from our website.