Uploading Files to Your Website (FTP)

Before people can see your website, you need to upload your site's files. We're flexible and let you do this a few different ways:

  • Using the FTP File Manager in CPanel
    For more information, see
  • Using FileZilla (Recommended)
    For more information, see
  • For Firefox users we highly recommend FireFTP extension (Highly-Recommended)
    For more information, see
  • Using the third party application (website software or FTP client)

Some popular FTP clients are FireFTP, FileZilla, Fetch (Mac), and gFTP (Linux). You might also be able to upload your site through the software used to create it, such as Adobe Dreamweaver® or Microsoft Expressions Web®.

Every FTP client works differently, however you need to configure the following settings to connect to your hosting account:

Host Name
This is your primary hosted domain name, or your hosting account IP address.
FTP User Name
Your hosting account user name.
FTP Password
Your hosting account password.
Website URL
Your site's URL (e.g.
Your FTP server's URL (e.g.
Start Directory
Our hosting services do not require a "Home" or "Start" directory, so leave the field blank. If the client requires a value, enter a single forward slash followed by your hosting account user name (i.e., /).


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