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Your artwork needs to be a certain size to print correctly.
For business cards it is 92x60mm. Part of this size is what we call the “Bleed” which will be trimmed off. The bleed area is 3mm on each side.

We strongly recommend keeping a 3mm internal margin for a "Safe Printing Zone". Keep text, logos or important graphics away from the bleed line as trimming can have natural variations in accuracy.


Guides and Marks

Please don't include any guides, marks, or crop marks in your artwork. If you do include printable guidelines on your artwork, then they may show up in your proof and your final print.

If you want your business cards to have rounded corners, you don't need to do anything special to your artwork. Please don't adjust your artwork to look like it has rounded corners.





Trimming of printing

All printing products are trimmed. Trimming of printing products may shift up to 2mm in any direction, therefore our DIY Artwork Guidelines should be properly adhered to minimize risk of trimming affecting the look of the print. Express Digital printing generally has more chance of trimming variations.

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