Fonts in your artwork need to be “converted to outlines” or “flattened” into a graphic. This will eliminate the chance of fonts not displaying correctly and not printing the way you intended.


* Microsoft Office Fonts

If you are using a program such as Microsoft Word, it is difficult to convert your fonts to graphics. There are a couple of answers to this problem, both of which are still not imune to fonts problems.

Firstly you may choose to select only common fonts such as “Arial” and “Times New Roman” .

Secondly you can "embed" fonts:

In Microsoft Word and Powerpoint, go to the menu “Tools > Options > Save tab” and select “Embed TrueTypeFonts”.

This option is available in Microsoft Publisher under the menu “Tools > Commercial Printing Tools > Fonts”.

* For those who already have a logo designed in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or Publisher.

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