Artwork Resubmission Fee - $22

A fee of $22 is payable when resubmitting your artwork after Constructive Visual has already emailed you a proof of your original artwork submitted. Even minor changes to your artwork require this fee.

Submitting DIY artwork - Design at your own risk!

Please note that designing and submitting your artwork for printing can sometimes produce unplanned results if you do not have proper experience and training. Designing artwork for offset printing can be technical with a range of different variables that affect printing, often not noticeable on the computer screen. Constructive Visual fully recommends getting a professional designer to design your printing artwork. Customers submitting their own DIY artwork are fully responsible for the end result of printing. Customers are reminded to submit print-ready artwork with the correct specifications as outlined on our DIY Artwork Guidlelines.

While Constructive Visual does accept artwork formats such as Microsoft Office, it does not recommend these programs due to artwork complications that often arise.

It is your reponsibilty to ensure that any artwork you submit is not in violation of any copyright laws. Constructive Visual assumes that your artwork is legally yours or you have the correct permission to print it.

Constructive Visual reserves the right to make changes to your artwork without your consent to avoid printing problems that can be foreseen to happen. This will rarely change the design, but if it does it will be evident in the proof you receive.

Constructive Visual will rasterise all submitted DIY Artwork at standard print quality resolution before printing which effectively eliminates all vector data. Customers who prefer to keep their DIY Artwork untouched must receive express permission from Constructive Visual.


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