Turnaround Time

Artwork Design

Constructive Visual design services can take up to 7 working days from payment to produce, and turnaround will vary depending on workload. Outstanding balances owed for design services not paid within 7 days will be automatically incure a outstanding billing fee.
Customers are held liable for expenses incurred by Constructive Visual in recovering debts.


Printing turnaround will vary. The average turnaround time for most printing products is 7-15 business days, this is not a guarantee but a guide. Printing does not commence until the Proof is approved and the Order is paid for in full. Design time is extra. Constructive Visual will not be held responsible for loss or damages due to printing being delivered after this time. It is the customer's responsibility to allow plenty of time for preparing artwork, printing and delivery.


Please allow for 2-5 business days for postage.


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