How do I get a Dedicated IP for my account?

Dedicated IP addresses are required for all SSL installations. 

You can purchase your SSL certificate via our website. At the final stage of configuration in Client Login, we will give you the option to automatically install the certificate to your hosting account and assign you an IP address for this account. Where an SSL is purchased through ourselves and installed on one of our hosting servers, there is no fee for the IP or installation. However, where the SSL is purchased from another provider there is a $29.95 per annum fee for the dedicated IP address.

If you're purchasing an SSL from another provider, we kindly ask that you submit an eTicket to our Technical Support team who will assign your service a dedicated IP address and install your SSL for you.

IMPORTANT: Due to the limited IPv4 space, it is APNIC policy to assign dedicated IP addresses to customers whom have a justification for one. This justification does include the desire for an SSL certificate. You cannot order a dedicated IP address unless you are installing an SSL certificate or have other valid justification.

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